Homes for Sale in Metro Vancouver to Whistler and Surrounding Areas

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As a young twenty-something aspiring to be a legal assistant in a small town, Angie Kirk found that there was simply not enough work to go around. After slinging beers by night and working temp jobs by day one thing she came to realize was she wasn’t cut out for a 9-5 job.

It was around this time when an opportunity to work for an established Realtor came up, and Angie credits this as being one of the most fortuitous things that’s ever happened to her. Not only to get her feet wet with the guidance of an experienced Realtor, but to have the love and mentorship from one of the most beautiful caring women she’s ever known during her formative adult years.

Fast forward 25 years, and Angie has worked in four different cities across the province, giving her a broad and diverse knowledge of BC’s dynamic real estate market. Having relocated from Kamloops four years ago, she currently divides her time between Vancouver and Bowen Island where she’s able to strike a balance between the stress of working through delicate negotiations, with the thrill of helping her clients achieve their dreams.

“All the flashy marketing in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t first understand your clients’ needs and what they expect from their Realtor,” Angie says. “The consistent feedback I’ve received over the years is that I’m patient, I don’t push, and I work together with my clients to help them understand the market so they can make their own informed decisions.”

A volunteer fitness instructor at the YMCA, Angie is also a certified yoga instructor but by her own admission she goes to yoga far more often than she teaches. The gym continues to be a big part of her life however, where she thrives on the energy and the people working hard, getting stronger and having fun together. Not so unlike her career in real estate.

“I didn't really choose real estate,” she continues. “Real estate chose me, and I'm glad it did - it's been a lifetime of incredible experiences and a whole lot of learning and growing!”

Best piece of advice: Keep a positive mindset and an open heart and trust that everything is always working out as it’s meant to

ANGIE KIRK | DEXTER REALTY Vancouver, BC | 604.916.3429 | [email protected]