Homes for Sale in Metro Vancouver to Whistler and Surrounding Areas

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RE/MAX Lake Cowichan 

With four small kids in tow Sandy got started in real estate back in 1990 when a friend needed her help to look after a rental property. Fortunately, it was a smaller property with only eight units so it was a good way to learn the business, and before long others were asking her to take care of their rentals as well. 

“It was a great introduction to the local market,” she says with a laugh. “Since that time I’ve become involved in residential real estate and found I love working with new buyers…the joy and pleasure they feel when they buy their first home is so contagious.” 

With many people on the move to the Island in search of a more laid-back lifestyle or a more affordable place to work from home, she feels the desire to live in a rural setting like the Cowichan Valley will only get more popular. 

“My true passion is in being a part of a community that supports and explores sustainable living,” Sandy continues. “I’ve always been interested in alternative building and have been an eco broker for over fifteen years, having been involved in many multi-family purchases, eco villages and strata developments.” 

Ultimately her goal is to assist in developing a community of smaller detached homes with plenty of land, a big community garden, an outdoor kitchen, a workshop with common tools for a household project, a recycling area and even a swimming or spa area to enjoy at the end of the day. 

“This recent turmoil we’ve experienced is going to change everything and the flexible nature of this type of community would be ideal,” she notes. “I think ten homes could share these amenities quite nicely and they wouldn’t have to be a particular size or location for the plan to work.” 

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