Homes for Sale in Metro Vancouver to Whistler and Surrounding Areas

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‘My business is my passion’

Clara Hartree

RE/MAX Masters Realty, West Vancouver

West Vancouver is considered the area of highest income per capita in Canada. It is a quaint area situated between ski mountains and ocean beaches, with an abundance of parks, excellent schools, public tennis courts, two golf courses and lots of trendy restaurants and shops. Geographically limited, only about 40,000 people get to live here. It has its own police force and crime is rare.

The most expensive areas are Waterfront, Altamont and the British Properties. People move here from other areas of the city, from Alberta and Ontario, and West Vancouver also attracts people from other countries because of the lifestyle, stunning natural beauty and mild climate.

“We moved here from Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as a result of a corporate transfer for my husband. The company specifically selected Vancouver because it was a convenient time zone for Asia Pacific and for the East Coast where the headquarters were located,” says Clara.

“To understand real estate in West Vancouver you need to understand market forces around the globe. It is common to hear that prices are high, but the same is true of prices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Dubai, the UK and Australia,” she continues.

“Prices move in unison with the flow of money. When I talk to Realtors from other countries and specifically the US, they had the same exact ‘best year ever’ last year during the pandemic when people started looking for less density. That trend extended into March of this year in West Vancouver and is continuing in some areas of Vancouver, namely North Vancouver and Vancouver East.”

“I read everything I can find about real estate globally and locally, and in 35 years I basically got to know every house in West Van. There are houses that I’ve sold several times, and others where clients from 30 years ago still live. For me real estate is about the stories, my clients’ happiness when they sell and buy, and it’s about representing generations of the same family and receiving referrals from satisfied clients.”

“West Vancouver is my home and my daughter’s home (with her husband and son) and my business is my passion. Nobody knows more and cares more about real estate. I truly believe that.” | 604.889.9977