Homes for Sale in Metro Vancouver to Whistler and Surrounding Areas

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A family-run operation


Victoria, BC

It’s funny how some decisions may not seem to be life-defining at the time, but when you look back years later that’s exactly what they were.

Eli Mavrikos always had an interest in architecture and was exploring the Masters in Architecture Program while studying at UBC, but once he finished his undergraduate degree it was either stay in Vancouver for two more years or move back to the Island to be with his now wife. In the end it was a decision that set in motion an aspiring and successful career in real estate.

“Once I moved back getting into real estate seemed like a good fit. I was young and had a lot of time on my hands and it was definitely something I had a keen interest in. Fortunately, I haven’t looked back since,” says Eli.

The Eli Mavrikos Collective started in 2008 and since that time the boutique realty firm has grown into an award-winning real estate group within Victoria’s highly competitive market. They presently service all areas in and around Victoria, even as far as Mill Bay, however a large portion of their business is situated in the Oak Bay & Fairfield areas with a focus on single family homes and new construction. In the last few years their team of four agents has shifted into more of the luxury-based market with Eli at the helm as the owner and operator.

“We build our business entirely on relationships, communication and education,” he continues. “Over the years we’ve been able to build a solid foundation of clients who have put their trust in us time and time again, and we’ve invested many hours to create systems that we use daily to ensure we are effectively servicing all of our clients.”

Now a completely family run operation, Eli, his wife Adia, sister Arianna and cousin Ria work hand in hand, bouncing ideas off one another, always striving to learn and grow their business together. 250.896.3859 | [email protected]